The best destinations to celebrate any occasion

Looking for the best location to celebrate a honeymoon or maybe the best destination for solo travelers? You Googled, and we answered.

Your most Googled “best destinations for…” answered. Image credit: TommL/iStock

It’s hard to imagine our lives without search engines, the vast and diverse knowledge base that we tap into on a daily basis with just a few clicks via our smartphones, laptops, or through voice commands via Siri or Alexa. 

“Should I invest in Bitcoin”

“Can I fly without a passport”

“Why is my goldfish swimming upside-down?”

No matter how specific, vague, or unusual your query might be, Google, the undisputed champ of the search engine world, can help you find the information you seek.

And in 2008, Google made searching via their platform even faster and easier with the launch of  Google Suggest, a feature that offers clickable search suggestions to users before they’ve even finished typing.

If you’re not sure what we mean, type “is it impossible to” into Google right now and look for the list of autocomplete suggestions that appear below the search box.

According to Google, the feature saves its users more than 200 years’ worth of typing time per day, reducing typing on their search platform overall by 25 percent. 

But how exactly does a search phrase claim it’s space on Google Suggest? Primarily, it comes down to popularity, as in how many other Google users have previously searched the same query.

Suggestions are also selected based on a user’s location, language, and previous searches. The algorithm that determines Google’s suggestions runs constantly, keeping the company up to date with new search trends, current events, and seasonal events.

We set our browser location to the United States and typed “best destinations for” into Google, carefully researching up-to-date information for each autocomplete query.

Take a look at your travel destination questions – answered.

Best destinations for couples

Book a luxury adventure getaway to spend your daylight hours exploring, and evenings in the lap of luxury enjoying each others company and reflecting on the experiences you’ve shared.

Book one of these luxury adventures for your next couple’s getaway

Micato African Safaris  – With multiple travel awards under their belt and a range of locations all over Africa, Micato Safaris offers once-in-a-lifetime adventure safaris with a luxurious edge.

Go rhino trekking in Kenya, or head to Namibia to journey through the desert by camel under cerulean skies, with five-star accommodation and exquisite food and drinks to enjoy at the end of each day.

What's more romantic than a safari getaway? Image credit: Utopia_88/iStock
What’s more romantic than a safari getaway? Image credit: Utopia_88/iStock

Luxury Heli-Skiing Adventure  – Extreme luxury meets extreme sports with Elemental Adventure’s heli-skiing packages. During the day, guests are whisked to fresh powder peaks by private helicopter, resting tired bones each evening at luxury ski lodges with full spa services.

While Elemental Adventure can organize heli-ski adventures worldwide, their Canadian Platinum and 5-Star Whistler experience are the top picks.

Best destinations for solo travelers

Learning holidays are the hottest new trend for solo travelers who are looking to learn a new skill and meet others who share their passion.

Get social while upskilling with these learning holidays

Italian cooking and wine break in Tuscany – Nothing brings people together like food, and a glass or two of wine never hurt the conversation flow.

On GoLearnTo’s Italian cooking break, you’ll stay in a rustic villa in Northern Tuscany, and learn to make fresh pasta, pizza, and other delicious Italian dishes from locally sourced ingredients,

Take pottery courses in the Cornish countryside – Improve your ceramic or sculpture skills at Primrose Cottage, who offer luxury all-inclusive learning holidays in a renovated country estate in sunny Cornwall, UK.

Days are spent in the studio learning from experts, and evenings socializing with other students over wine and homecooked meals.

Learning a new skill can make for the perfect holiday. Image credit: YakubovAlim/iStock
Learning a new skill can make for the perfect holiday. Image credit: YakubovAlim/iStock

Best destinations for seasonal holidays and festivals

Whether its Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, or Labor Day Weekend, if you’re not spending the holidays at home, then it’s a great chance to experience the world through the eyes of others.

Head somewhere unexpected for a different point of view

Best destination for Christmas – Those who normally spend Christmas in front of the fireplace might consider traveling to Australia for a beach holiday, while those who’ve yet to experience a true ‘white Christmas’ might head to Northern Europe or the American Midwest.

Best Destination for New Years – Be the first to ring in the New Year by celebrating in Samoa or the Christmas Islands. You’ll be watching the new year’s sunrise while family and friends and family back home are still stuck in 2019.

Best destinations for a bachelorette or bachelor party

Tequila shots, costumes, and debaucherous all-night parties are out. Brides and grooms to be are opting for self-care and the great outdoors before tying the knot.

Book a wellness escape

Best destination for a bachelorette party – Head to Dunton River Camp in Dolores County, Colorado for a bonafide cowgirl-themed wellness escape.

After a day of hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking, you and your girlfriends will enjoy healthy organic meals, followed by a riverside sauna, and a rejuvenating night’s sleep in one of the camp’s luxurious safari-style tents.

Wellness holidays are on the rise. Image credit: Poike/iStock
Wellness holidays are on the rise. Image credit: Poike/iStock

Best destination for a bachelor party – Book you and the boys into a private villa at Sanctuary in Camelback Mountain, Arizona, for a wellness escape that combines sports and self-care. The resort boasts extensive gym facilities, a world-class spa, and a tennis club with professionally-run training sessions and clinics.

Best destinations for a honeymoon

The latest trend in honeymoons is solo travel. Couples are parting ways and traveling separately, to take journeys of self-discovery before settling into married life

Take a “Solomoon” and travel separately

Cross something BIG off your bucket list – Always dreamed of riding a motorbike across Europe? Or spending a month volunteering overseas? You and your spouse can use the time you would have spent on a stock-standard honeymoon to pursue personal travel goals.

Take a trip with friends – When you’re in a committed relationship it can be hard to find time to nurture old friendships. You and your spouse might consider taking trips separately with your besties, to ensure your friend-circle stays solid through married life.


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