Where to find the best coworking spaces in London

With London recently ranked the best city for coworking worldwide, visiting business travelers can rest assured they’re in the right town for workspaces that are capable, convenient, and inspired.

A view to the Thames and London city. Image credit: sborisov/iStock
A view to Thames and London city. Image credit: sborisov/iStock

Over the last few years, coworking in London has evolved. The city’s attitude to flexible spaces has come a long way, and today’s coworking cosmos is positively gleaming with new possibilities. From last-minute app bookings and trendy walk-in coffee shops to more traditional, dedicated coworking memberships, variety is always increasing, with a new coworking space in London opening every five days.

So, which location to choose – and how can you get the best out of coworking in London?

We’ve heard the phrase “melting pot” used time and again to describe the world’s leading cities, and London is certainly no exception. But when it comes to coworking, London has a special edge. The sheer depth of its history resounds in its architectural character, with an abundance of styles and designs on display wherever you go. That means different parts of the city have their own unique feel, and likewise the different spaces within them.

So take a moment to consider where you’ll feel the most comfortable and productive. Are you inspired by places rich in history, or more at home in a futuristic, cutting-edge work hub? Maybe you’d like a bit of both? Whatever vibe you’re feeling, you’re likely to find something that fits the bill in this mushrooming metropolis.

The same rule of thumb applies to the type of co-working space you choose. As our smorgasbord of options below shows, you’re free to work in just about any social setting with Wi-Fi when coworking in London. So, what are your criteria? Do you need the latest tech and facilities at your disposal, or is ambience and a decent lunch more important? Are you looking for a quick pitstop, or a functional space you can utilize for days on end during your visit? By defining your mood and needs, you’ll find it easier to make it through the maze to your ideal flexible workspace.

Finding your spot

There are a few ways to navigate London’s coworking cornucopia. Obviously, lists and articles like the very one you’re reading can help you to get a handle on what you’re looking for, and a quick search online can also yield some pretty specific suggestions if you know your criteria.

Directory sites are also a must if you’re browsing and want options at a glance, such as coworkinglondon, which is useful for mapping a given area of the city plus its coworking prospects, and coworker, which lets you search by daily, weekly or monthly hire, providing a comprehensive overview of suitable spaces.

Unlock an even more efficient approach with co-working apps. WorkHardAnywhere (WHA) and Workfrom both offer crowd-sourced round-ups of the best coworking spaces in London and its many neighborhoods, helping you make an inspired choice on the fly. There are even options to reach out to other coworking nomads, potentially sparking collaboration before you’ve even settled on your space.

Various apps offer a wide range of coworking options in London. Image credit: AzmanJaka/iStock
Various apps offer a wide range of coworking options in London. Image credit: AzmanJaka/iStock

Finally, WorkSpott and Haus definitely deserve your attention if you love discovering locations that are quirky, characterful, and a little off the beaten path. These apps show you underused spaces that are ideal for ad hoc working, including cafes, restaurants, bars, and hotel lobbies, which means you could soon find yourself somewhere unexpected and truly exceptional – just the ticket for a memorable and productive business trip to London. Innovative apps like this are a testimony to how the coworking boom is re-imagining urban space like never before.

Still feeling a little overwhelmed by the immense number of options for coworking in London? We’ve sorted some of our favorite workspaces by key characteristics to get you inspired.

For trailblazing tech-heads

The coworking spheres in Old Street and Shoreditch have positively bloomed in recent years, with a raft of gorgeous new spaces opening up for freelancers. As the epicenter for London’s tech startups, east may truly be best for those seeking coworking spaces with all the latest tools and facilities.

TechHub, Old Street

Coworking in London isn’t just about getting things done while traveling – it’s a first-rate platform to connect with new opportunities and build your network. As a global community for tech entrepreneurs, TechHub understands this well. The emphasis is squarely on creative collaboration at their bustling Old Street site, with curated memberships and support programs focusing on what your business needs to flourish. 

With plenty of like-minded tech disruptors all under one roof, partnerships and prospects can spark up at any time, and those with an international business outlook will feel right at home. TechHub also has spaces in Madrid, Warsaw, Riga, and Bucharest, so the skeleton of a European coworking network is right at your fingertips.

Join on a Flex membership from 600 pounds ($723) a year.

RocketSpace, Angel

Uber, Spotify, Hootsuite…with past pedigree like that, it’s no wonder RocketSpace declares itself the coworking space “where tech startups change the world”. This 24/7 high tech hub prides itself on being the launchpad (pun fully intended) for hot new things that reinvent the wheel, boasting a well-equipped, airy campus right next to Angel station.

Members-only workshops and trend talks are designed to help businesses push their boundaries, and RocketSpace also runs a program that fosters collaboration between start-ups and more established companies, with a firm focus on innovation. Best of all, there are some great options for business travelers thinking about coworking in London – in particular, their Surf desk membership, which gives ten days of full access per month from just 375 pounds ($452).

Huckletree, Shoreditch

The vibrant, bubbly spirit of Huckletree really nails the essence of a good coworking space: open, creative, bold, and collaborative. Right in the heart of buzzing Shoreditch, this workspace places special focus on facilitating crossover between tech, finance, and creative start-ups, and also provides ample support to make the magic happen. 

A packed calendar of exclusive events, plus specialized training, networking, and mentoring makes Huckletree a paradise for those who value social collaboration with real direction. All wrapped up with a colorful, easygoing vibe that might remind you of your kid sister.

Their Light membership, designed for freelancers and globetrotters, kicks off at 175 pounds ($211) a month.

For a flying visit

Short on time and seeking a straight-up, no-nonsense space to get things done? London’s got you covered.

Uncommon, Various

Uncommon is a coworking chain with an ethos: That to work well, we need a space in which we can feel good about ourselves. Each of its four sites at Highbury & Islington, Borough, Liverpool Street, and Fulham features a coffee lounge, meeting rooms, sound-proof phone booths, showers, and bike storage space, all lovingly decked out with gorgeous greenery, thoughtful lighting, and peaceful outdoor areas.

Homely, holistic, and horticultural, Uncommon’s approach creates wonderfully soothing spaces that wouldn’t be out of place in a designer magazine. It could be the perfect choice for a day of calm, focused work, and with day passes starting at just 20 pounds ($24), it’s even good for your wallet.

Canova Hall, Brixton

Heading south of the river and need a solid, stylish base camp? Canova Hall ticks plenty of boxes. Based in a former Edwardian department store with a suitably lavish facade, this bar and restaurant doubles as a trendy coworking space, complete with bottomless coffee and lightning-fast Wi-Fi. Sign up for a weekly or monthly pass and you’ll even enjoy a discount on their pizza. Canova Hall is ideal for those looking to keep it casual but classy.

For globetrotting gourmands

Work is work, but food…food is fuel. For hungry hustlers, all manner of restaurants, cafes, and eateries across London accommodate coworking. Bon appetit.

Talk through ideas with colleagues across a London cafe. Image credit: nortonrsx/iStock
Talk through ideas with colleagues across a London cafe. Image credit: nortonrsx/iStock

Jova London, Fitrovia

Forget fusion food – Jova London has pioneered a truly inspired fusion of chic coffee shop and boutique coworking space. Shacking up at the “Joffice” means much more than perching your laptop on the corner of the communal table. Instead, coworking guests enjoy a dedicated work environment separate from the hustle and bustle of the coffee shop and creperie. But not too separate, as coworkers get a sweet discount on food and drink when they book their desk at hourly, daily, or monthly rates. With the best of both worlds at your fingertips, Jova seems to have struck a magic formula for cafe couture coworking – but be quick, they only offer ten individual work stations.

Get on board from 6 pounds ($7.20) an hour or 35 pounds ($42) a day.

St Pancras by Searcys, St Pancras Station

Just hopped off the Eurostar to find yourself gazing up at the epic, sweeping ceilings of St Pancras station? You chose an excellent place to enter London – especially if you’re in the market for a little coworking while you’re here. To catch the wave, Searcy’s St Pancras Brasserie and Champagne Bar refitted a third of its dining spaces for coworkers in 2018, rolling out power sockets and fast Wi-Fi access across their luxurious art deco space. It’s been a great success with commuters, so why not treat yourself to something off the a la carte menu or even crack out the oysters and champagne to celebrate.

Netil360, London Fields

The cafe at the awesome Netil360 building may offer delicious dumplings on its menu, but in all honesty, the food can’t help but be eclipsed by the view. With Wi-Fi, charging points, excellent coffee and an abundance of jaw-dropping London vistas on offer, this multi-purpose venue is a great shout for those who love their food with an epic skyline. Just try to get some work done too.

For a full-spectrum experience

Sure, the small, left-field coworking spaces in London need all the acclaim they can get – but what about the big hitters? If you like doing business in bold type, these all-singing, all-dancing coworking behemoths will blow your socks off.

Wework, various

Since launching in 2010, Wework has become a true juggernaut of the coworking industry, boasting more than 10-million square feet of working space worldwide. In London, you’ll find no less than 50 outstanding spaces, making it a no-nonsense go-to for those in need of a well-equipped space at short notice.

From their Old Street site, just a stone’s throw from the London’s tech epicenter, to locations in Moorgate and Westminster, why settle for less than the AAA standard of coworking excellence?

The Dock, Wapping

Trust London to deliver a co-working space that’s both forward-facing and ebullient with history. The Dock once played host to the tobacco trade of old London, as the site’s characterful brick arches testify. Today though, you’ll find it far more suited to thought bubbles than clouds of smoke (though there are always a few rolling up out front). The Dock’s range of offices and meeting rooms can seat between 12 and 50 workers, with a focus on the events, tech, marketing, and gaming industries. 

Situated just a short hop from vibrant Shoreditch, and next door to a premium events and exhibition space, it certainly knows its audience. Everyone who works at The Dock also enjoys Dock Club membership, which means lockers, private phone booths, opportunities to collaborate and discounts at the on-site cafe. No wonder this coworking space is frequently voted among the best in town.

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