Meet Erica, a Blacklane Senior Market Manager in Los Angeles

Welcome to our fifth installment of Meet the Crew, where we highlight some of the incredible people who work here at Blacklane. This month, we’re celebrating Senior Market Manager Erica.

Meet Erica, a Blacklane Senior Market Manager in Los Angeles.

What made you want to join Blacklane?

Throughout my years in the tech industry, I’ve developed a passion for marketplaces and the gig economy. I’ve also enjoyed working at companies that provide solutions for individuals and companies to grow their businesses on their own terms. 

What makes Blacklane different from other companies that I’ve worked at is its dedication to providing positive experiences for its Limousine Service Providers (LSP’s), and building an environmentally sustainable business. Success is dependent on many types of resources, and it’s refreshing to see Blacklane wanting to take care of the ones that directly affect it.

How has Blacklane helped you with your career?

I’ve learned so much through my teammates from our other global hubs. The different perspectives they all bring to the table has definitely made an impact on how I approach process development, especially since I need to ensure that it works on a global scale.

How has your experience with Blacklane evolved over time?

I started out focusing solely on projects that directly affect how we do business here in the U.S. But, in my short time here (six weeks to be exact), I find myself involved in projects that will have a global impact. That’s one of the great things about Blacklane – leadership doesn’t keep you in a box based on role/geography. If you have something to contribute, you’re encouraged to do so.

Can you tell me about a project that you’ve been excited to work on?

I’ve been particularly excited about developing our Market Management processes for the U.S. Our Berlin team has done such a fantastic job in managing the country from afar, but we now need boots on the ground to sustain all the growth they’ve created. I’ve enjoyed helping build the foundation and growing the team here.

What is the one thing you like most about working with your colleagues?

Everyone that I have met with so far has been very welcoming and beyond willing to share information to help me get caught up to speed, which is an amazing feat considering time-zone differences. It makes it easy to be authentic, ask questions, and learn.

What would you like people to know about Blacklane?

There is so much room for growth and development here at Blacklane. Whether it’s learning a particular skill, or exposure to business practices in other parts of the world, you can get that all here.

Do you have any tips for someone applying to join the team?

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Authenticity is very much appreciated here.

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