Meet Ioana, our Head of Retention in Berlin

Time for another installment of Meet the Crew! Get to know Ioana, whose superpower is turning customers in lifelong fans.

What made you choose Blacklane?

Blacklane made perfect sense to me following a career in the premium and in the automotive industries. As Head of Retention I had the opportunity to bring together the two worlds and my understanding of their customer needs and motivations.

How has Blacklane helped you with your career?

In my role, I am leading a team with global responsibility for retaining B2C, B2B Customers, and partners on the web and app. It is an opportunity to evolve as a leader and marketer in a high-growth and innovative environment.

How has your experience with Blacklane evolved?

My role evolved together with the retention strategy. My team transformed the way we engage with our customers throughout their lifecycle, started to reach more audiences and advanced our capabilities to personalize journeys.

Can you tell me about a project you’ve been excited to work on?

I am passionate about discovering valuable customer insights and driving sustainable growth based on them. I am especially enthusiastic about projects that involve data mining, ideation, prototyping, and the roll out of experiences. Tech and data architecture are my underlying interests, as they enable growth initiatives.

What is the one thing you like most about working with your colleagues?

Most people at Blacklane have passion for their work and want to have an impact. I enjoy working with challengers – people who speak up when they believe in a solution or have a good purpose – and I’ve met a few at Blacklane. I also appreciate that we own the knowledge and expertise in-house, which is an opportunity to leverage skills across departments.

What would you like people to know about Blacklane?

It is rare to experience a people-oriented culture such as Blacklane has. The strong company values prevailed during the pandemic. Blacklane is an ethical, resilient company that recovered from the pandemic stronger than ever.

Do you have any tips for someone applying to join the team?

Think customer-first and be driven by data. Everything else follows. Our purpose is to keep customers in love with Blacklane. We are customer obsessed, enjoy data and automation, tell stories and have a genuine interest in the premium and the travel/mobility industries.

Want to work with Ioana? Check out our job listings, we’d love to have you join the crew.