Blacklane’s Partner Prestige Club goes global!

We told you about the European launch of the Partner Prestige Club, our driver quality program, in May.  Just last month, we were excited to award our first Silver Members! Now, PPC is expanding globally!

After the success of our European launch, we are rolling out the quality program across all of our partners around the world.  What this means is that all partner companies are now eligible to double their quality bonus. How do they achieve that? Through consistent high quality!

  • Silver: earn and maintain your Quality Bonus for more than three months to reach this first level.
  • Gold: after an additional three months of maintaining your Quality Bonus, you then reach the Gold level.
  • Black: six months after that (a total of 12 months), you reach Black, our highest level. At Black level, you have the chance to earn an additional 20% on top of your monthly take-home earnings.

There are also other rewards for you from this loyalty system:

Partner companies are automatically part of this program, with no additional registration required.