U.S. Airport Ground Transportation: Who Should Pick You Up?

How can you get a quality and affordable ride from the airport? In the U.S. the answer greatly depends on local regulations and fees.

CEO and Co-founder Jens Wohltorf calls American airports “regulatory islands.” These are mapped in the Blacklane U.S. Airport Pickup Digest, a new infographic published today. Blacklane’s research shows travelers the state of airport pickups for ride-hailing, legacy limousine providers, and Blacklane.

U.S. Airport Pickup Digest preview

The key findings:

  • 49 of the top 100 U.S. airports prohibit ride-hailing pickups by private individuals
  • Legacy chauffeur company rates are 80 percent more than taxis for airport rides
  • Blacklane’s rates are a fraction of the cost of legacy limousine services

To view the full research, see our press release  and the full infographic here.