Blacklane’s Senior Brand Manager and self-confessed beer nerd!

Meet Gisele, Blacklane’s Senior Brand Manager and, in her free time, a certified Beer Sommelier. Her passion for beer brought her from Brazil to Europe, but it’s her marketing experience and drive that brought her to Blacklane!

Meet Gisele, Blacklane’s Senior Brand Manager and, in her free time, a certified Beer Sommelier.

I was born in São Paulo, Brazil, where I lived most of my life. There, I always worked with communications and marketing, focusing on strategic planning for big brands like MasterCard, Pernod Ricard, and Pedigree — all from the agency perspective.

In 2011, I attended an Events Management training in London, where I lived for 6 months. It was during this time that I had the opportunity to dive deep into the British pub culture, and it wasn’t long before cask ales piqued my interest. (Sidenote: a cask ale is a beer that finishes maturing in the cellar of the pub and is served with only natural carbonation.) Always on the hunt for a different one, I soon discovered craft beer bars offering an impressive range of beer styles. That was when I fell completely in love with the beer world.

As I’m a bit of a nerd, when I moved back to Brazil I decided to study beer to fully understand what I was drinking and to know how to choose between the many beer styles. Beer Sommelier training sounded like the right idea, but I had no idea how demanding it would be — 72 hours of theory mixed with professional tasting! After passing the exam, I was sure of two things: 1) I wanted to keep studying, 2) I wanted to help people understand beer.

From there, I finished the Master of Styles of Beer training, attended some food & beer pairing events, read lots of books, and visited dozens of breweries during my study trip in Germany and Belgium. It was actually after this trip when I decided to move to Europe — which I did, one year later. On my fifth month living in Berlin, I joined Blacklane.

At Blacklane I started as an SEO intern, but soon I had the chance to move to the Brand Department where I could finally put my hard-earned agency experience to work. I’ve now been here three years and today I am the Senior Brand Manager, responsible for development and implementation of the brand strategy, global initiatives, managing marketing multichannel campaigns, events, and working very closely with internal stakeholders and the creative team for all marketing collaterals.

As for my beer passion, it’s still there and growing. I now host guided beer tastings and pairings at special events in Berlin. Last year I was invited to judge at a few international beer competitions, which is a huge honor and truly the best way to learn alongside experienced people in the industry. As I confessed before, I’m a nerd so I am now studying hard for the next test, and this time it’s the ultimate challenge: Certified Cicerone® — the top-tier certification in the industry!

If you’re interested in working alongside Gisele and learning all there is to know about beer… erm, we mean marketing, take a look at our career page!