Startup Safari Berlin: Building a brand

Startup Safari Blacklane 2018

As a host of Startup Safari Berlin, we invited budding entrepreneurs and those interested in Berlin’s startup ecosystem to join us for a brand-building session. Not only did our guests learn about Blacklane’s brand journey, but they also had the chance to go through the process of building their own brand strategy.

To kick off the session, guests heard short intros to our history of growth and also about working at Blacklane. Then, Norbert Richard Meinike, our Director of Marketing, introduced the group to the concept of the Brand Key. This tool helps marketers understand and visualize the essential elements of their brand, such as the vision, values and the unique selling proposition (USP).

Then, it was our guests’ turn to take action. In small groups, they choose a fictional company or brand and built a Brand Key for it. Watch the video below to get an impression of the inspiring atmosphere that was created – and also how much fun we all had!

And at the very end of the session, our visitors were in for a special treat. One lucky winner drew the right ticket and went to her next destination in style. A Blacklane chauffeur awaited her at the front door! Thanks to everyone who came to our session and to the Startup Safari organizers!